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How Neil & Eric Use The Holidays To Get Ahead #2317
December 23, 2022

In episode #2317, Neil and Eric discuss how they use the holidays to get ahead. We all honor the holidays in different ways, but for most of us, it’s a time to reflect and look back over the past twelve months while also envisioning what we want for the year ahead. Tune in to learn how Neil and Eric use the holidays for both work and leisure, and why it’s a good time to prepare for the next busy season.


  • [00:20] Today’s topic: How Neil & Eric Use The Holidays To Get Ahead.
  • [00:38] Why Neil uses the holidays to keep up with work and plan for the following year.
  • [01:24] Why the holidays are a great time to recruit people.
  • [02:03] How Eric uses the holidays to reflect and write an annual letter.
  • [03:15] What helps Eric feel refreshed and energized for the new year.
  • [03:35] Why Neil likes to use this time to catch up with other entrepreneurs.
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