Episode #1369
How to Attract and Close Your First 6-Figure Consulting Deal
May 01, 2020

In episode #1369, we talk about how to attract and close your first six-figure consulting deal! As we sit in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, consulting and side-hustle work is more important than ever, so we thought we would give you a little help in finding that amazing deal you have always been hoping for. Tune in to hear about where to look, how to reach out and what to offer, in order to get it done!


  • [00:25] Today’s topic: How to Attract and Close Your First Six-Figure Consulting Deal.
  • [00:39] The current job climate and why this topic is so relevant right now.
  • [01:02] Eric’s experience as a SEO strategist trying to add more value.
  • [01:55] Reaching out through multiple means and finding clients.
  • [02:51] Looking at recently funded companies and contacting them to help.
  • [04:26] Getting into the psyche of CEOs and investors.
  • [05:54] That’s it!
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