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How to Bring in Customers Without Using Bait #1838
August 26, 2021

In episode #1838, Neil and Eric talk about how to bring customers in without using bait. It is fine to use bait, but when you don’t deliver on your promises, you lose your customers’ trust. Tune in to find out more. 


  • [00:25] Today’s topic: How to Bring in Customers Without Using Bait.
  • [00:25] Using clickbait is not that bad if you deliver on what you promise.
  • [00:46] Hear what works better than bait.
  • [02:03] Thinking about product-led growth and why this works.
  • [02:55] If you lead with utility, you don’t have to bait people.
  • [03:09] When you don’t deliver on your promises, people will feel like they got scammed.
  • [03:26] Leverage something that is time-based and can provide value.
  • [03:48] That’s it for today!
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