Episode #1481
How to Build a Recognizable Brand Like Coca-Cola
August 22, 2020

In episode #1481, we share how you can build a recognizable brand like Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and Uber. The most important thing to know is that establishing a brand of that caliber takes endurance and consistency. You need to have a good product or service and deliver it well on a long-term basis—and you can also consider measuring your brand to stay on top of key branding metrics.


Tune in to hear how promoting your brand in the context of a story can help customers relate to it.


  • [00:25] Today’s topic: How to Build A Recognizable Brand Like Coca-Cola.
  • [00:36] Consider the different things that come to mind when you think about Coca-Cola.
  • [00:50] The first thing you need to have a recognizable brand is a good product or service.
  • [01:19] Brands are not built overnight – you need to deliver a good product consistently.
  • [01:25] The Coca-Cola formula kept moving around for many years.
  • [01:47] The success of Coca-Cola shows us how important distribution channels are.
  • [02:03] They offer a consistent product and have formed strong partnerships.
  • [02:20] Follow the rule of seven to ensure that your audience remembers your product.
  • [02:43] Tell a captivating brand story that people like and can relate to.
  • [03:16] It takes time to create a recognizable brand, so don’t give up!
  • [03:55] That’s it for today!
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