Episode #901
How to Control Page 1 of Google (Not Just Rank #1)
January 18, 2019

In episode #901, we discuss how to control Page 1 of Google’s search results. Tune in to hear how you can dominate.

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  • [00:27] Today’s Topic: How to Control Page 1 of Google (Not Just Rank #1)
  • [00:38] Why not rank #1 and #2?
  • [00:52] Neil’s stamp occupies both Quicksprout and Neilpatel.com, so he has twice the authority in the rankings.
  • [01:10] Ranking 0 means you can occupy the answer box.
  • [01:32] A lot of this comes down to title tags. Google looks at who is generating clicks.
  • [02:00] Use Clickflow to check your pages and run A/B tests.
  • [02:15] Don’t duplicate your content. It can be similar, but not the same.
  • [02:33] This will also help when cross-linking.
  • [02:52] 8 out 10 will read your headline, only 2 out of 10 will click through and read the rest.
  • [03:05] If you don’t want to spend money on Google Ads, you can remarket for search ads.
  • [04:04] Consider creating multiple sites.
  • [04:15] This includes social profiles and guest-posting.
  • [04:30] Buffer grew through guest-posts.
  • [05:22] Having a few competing sites is a lot of work/upkeep.
  • [05:32] Remember to update your content.
  • [06:00] Use Ahrefs Link Intersect, as this will show you everyone who links to your competitors, but not your site.
  • [06:15] That’s it for today!
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