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How to Find The One Piece of Content That Will Change Your Marketing #1864
September 21, 2021

In episode #1864, Neil and Eric talk about finding the one piece of content that will change the game. There is no silver bullet when it comes to this; you have to find what works for you. Be sure to tune in to find out more!


  • [00:25] Today’s topic: How to Find The One Piece of Content That Will Change Your Marketing.
  • [00:29] There are certain types of content that drive traffic more than others.
  • [01:07] If create a lot of content, you will see what produces leads and what doesn’t,
  • [01:37] An example from Neil’s business where one webinar produced leads and another produced none.
  • [02:35] Pieces that drive traffic don’t always convert, so track it.
  • [03:15] You have to produce tons of content to figure out what works.
  • [03:47] That’s it for today!
  • [03:47] To stay updated with events and learn more about our mastermind, go to the Marketing School site for more information or call us on 310-349-3785!


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