Episode #1377
How to Get a Job During Hard Times
April 29, 2020

In episode #1373, we talk about how you can find a job during tough times. As many people lose their jobs and unemployment rates skyrocket, there are still ways to find work. You may not find your dream job right now, but something is better than nothing! Tune in to hear about following the money, providing value and building relationships that can be capitalized on!


  • [00:25] Today’s topic: How to Get a Job During Hard Times.
  • [00:31] The current, unprecedented rates of unemployment in the US.
  • [01:29] Companies that are currently hiring despite the crisis!
  • [02:19] Reaching out, offering value and building rapport quickly.
  • [02:44] Using your skillsets and applying them to a venture-funded company.
  • [03:04] Ways to find companies that could use your help at this point in time.
  • [04:09] That’s pretty much it for this episode!
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Goldman Sachs






We Work Remotely




Candor Hiring Freezes


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