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How to Hire Good SEO Freelancers #2208
September 04, 2022

In episode #2208, Neil and Eric talk about how to hire good SEO freelancers. Throughout our careers, we have had to hire our fair share of SEO freelancers. Tuning in you’ll hear about the lessons we’ve learned from the hiring process. We discuss how to identify whether someone will deliver what they claim they will, why you need to be patient and communicate clearly with new hires, and share our recommendations for great resources that will help you find the best SEO freelancers!


  • [00:20] Today’s topic: How to Hire Good SEO Freelancers.
  • [00:25] How to identify SEO freelancers on job sites and follow up with their employers.
  • [01:34] The concept of a role scorecard and how to implement it.
  • [02:51] Book and newsletter recommendations for tips on hiring.
  • [03:09] Why you need to be patient when hiring new freelancers.
  • [03:29] The importance of being clear with your expectations.
  • [03:52] Crucial questions to ask potential candidates to determine whether they will deliver high conversion rates. 
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