Episode #1350
How to Hire Incredible Designers for Cheap
April 12, 2020

In episode #1350, we talk about how you can hire incredible designers for cheap! We touch on pointers like reaching out to designers in countries with a lower cost of living, what platforms to use, and all the different ways you can vet one to see if they are a good match! Get it all right here!


[00:25] Today’s topic: How You Can Hire Incredible Designers for Cheap.
[00:33] How to reach out and confirm designers on Dribble or Behance.
[01:08] Finding permanent designers in areas where the currency is weaker than the US.
[01:49] Using filters to vet designers on Upwork.
[02:40] The value of paying your regular designer per project vs per hour for quality control.
[03:49] A pro tip: use Dribbble’s talent program to find new designers you didn’t know before.
[03:58] Testing designers with small initial projects using clear descriptions.
[04:39] The more similar a designer’s past work to your brief, the better they will do.
[04:55] That’s it for today!
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