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How to Level Up Your Content In 2023 #2331
January 06, 2023

In episode #2331, we explain how to level up your content. We ran a survey on how marketers will spend their money in 2023 and over 8000 responded. Hear about AI tools to improve your content, how marketers are spending their money on podcasting, and the value of video, among other helpful insights on how to level up your content in 2023.


  • [00:20] Today’s topic: How to Level Up Your Content In 2023.
  • [00:50] Why we are going to see more companies becoming media companies?
  • [01:26] How you can use AI tools to improve your content
  • [02:09] The two ways marketers are spending a lot of money on podcasting.
  • [02:56] The value of creating video content.
  • [03:36] A tool that Eric recommends when using AI to make content.
  • [04:27] Maximising your reach by repurposing content for different channels or platforms. 
  • [05:31] That’s it for today!
  • [05:36] How you can stay up-to-date with Marketing School podcasts.
  • [05:57] Go to https://marketingschool.io/ for more resources!

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