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How to Make Your Podcast More Popular (Lessons from 7 Years of Podcasting) #2598
November 02, 2023

In episode #2598, We share our insights on how to make a podcast more popular. We discuss the importance of showcasing all podcast episodes in the feed to increase traffic and listeners. We also emphasize the significance of retention and how it impacts views and listening. We reveal our plans to record more episodes in person, categorize shows, and increase episode length to improve quality and retention. We also discuss the importance of using popular keywords in podcast titles and the benefits of promotion and impression trades. Finally, we highlight the value of having good ideas and targeting a broad total addressable market to attract more listeners.

[00:00] Today’s topic: How to Make Your Podcast More Popular (Lessons from 7 Years of Podcasting)

[00:17] Lesson 1: Showcase all podcast episodes in the feed for more traffic

[01:08] Lesson 2: Retention is important for better views

[02:26] Longer episodes with higher retention perform better

[03:18] Plan to record more in-person episodes for higher quality

[04:28] Lesson 3: Use popular keywords in podcast titles for more views

[04:57] Lesson 4: Trade impressions with other podcasts for promotion

[06:15] Quality of niche and ideas matter for podcast success

[06:53] Using hooks and playing the YouTube game for discoverability

[07:43] Content repurposing is important for saving time and performance

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