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How To Run a Company Where People Don’t Want to Work Elsewhere #1993
February 01, 2022

In episode #1993, Neil and Eric talk about how to run a company where people don’t want to work elsewhere. One of the side effects of the COVID 19 pandemic has been an unexpected great resignation. Tuning in you’ll hear us talk about the value of employee retention in your marketing team, what we’ve learned from our exit interviews, and why caring about your employees is crucial.


  • [00:25] Today’s topic: How To Run a Company Where People Don’t Want to Work Elsewhere.
  • [00:30] The great resignation and how it’s been affecting companies.
  • [01:25] How retention affects your marketing team.
  • [01:43] What we’ve learned from our exit interviews.
  • [03:03] Why you should be helping your employees achieve their personal goals outside of work.
  • [05:00] Why caring about your employees is crucial.
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