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Episode #1614
How to Run a Remote-First Business The Right Way Ep. #1614
January 08, 2021

How to Run a Remote-First Business The Right Way.

In episode #1614, we are going to talk about how to correctly run a remote-first business. With so many businesses turning to the remote-first structure, how can you assure success? Tune in as we discuss some of our key tips for creating a productive remote team.


  • [00:25] Today’s topic: How to Run a Remote-First Business The Right Way.
  • [00:31] Examples of what a remote-first business is.
  • [01:02] Importance of having a clear operating system for your remote-first business.
  • [01:42] Creating a results-based culture for running a successful remote team.
  • [02:58] Using project management tools to create accountability within your team.
  • [04:17] Setting out core values, measurables, and goals.
  • [04:47] The benefits of keeping your remote teams small.
  • [05:49] Understanding the value of face-to-face meetings for your teams. 
  • [06:33] That’s it for today!
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Scaling Up

Traction: Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)




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