Episode #521
How to Start Being Successful with Marketing
January 03, 2018

In episode #521, Eric and Neil discuss how you can start to be successful with marketing. Tune in to hear specific ways you can achieve daily success as a content marketer.

Time-Stamped Show Notes:

  • [00:27] Today’s Topic: How to Start Being Successful with Marketing
  • [00:33] Establish a goal first, so you are not just shooting in the dark.
  • [00:51] When you don’t have any set KPIs, it’s hard to nail anything down.
  • [01:16] Once you have your KPIs, you want to break them down into specific small tasks that you need to complete in order to achieve them.
  • [01:33] This way, as a marketer, you have a daily plan in order to hit your numbers.
  • [01:48] A more specific goal would be to say, “I need to rank on Google for all the marketing-related terms.”
  • [01:52] Then you do that by writing content and break your tasks down from there. You keep setting goal, upon goal, upon goal. It helps to break everything down into smaller bite-sized tasks.
  • [02:26] You have to hold people accountable.
  • [02:30] Their goal is to reach a certain number of YouTube viewers. To do this, they use a tool called 15Five and it checks in on your goals.
  • [03:09] Document the process!
  • [03:20] By the end of Q4, their goal is to have everything documented. In order to hand off your process to a new person and keep it seamless, you need to document your work.
  • [03:55] You can use an internal Wiki to document your processes.
  • [04:04] Document your wins and your losses so you can learn from them.
  • [04:30] Eric and Neil found that when they gave more information before they asked them to become a lead, they are much more qualified and you collect more leads.
  • [04:46] When they document, they also put in time stamps, because every six months to a year, they re-test they processes.
  • [05:05] If you force people to Google Authenticate, you may lose business because people are worried about privacy.
  • [05:44] You want to be able to have a feedback loop, but also use outside sources to gain knowledge about your company. Always be learning and innovating.
  • [06:26] You’re going to make mistakes, but the key is to document and systematize everything.
  • [06:47] Be ok with failure.
  • [06:53] Eric received an anonymous feedback comment saying, “Less surprises, more planning.” However, they like to try new things very quickly and jettison whatever didn’t work.
  • [07:30] That’s all for today!
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