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How to strategize as a marketing team of one for a small business, ChatGPT prompts to Improve Conversions, How to get AI to actually write like you for free, Zuck doesn’t believe in delegation, and The Indian Billionaire Way
March 11, 2024

In episode #2695, we delve into the intricacies of strategizing for a one-person marketing team within a small business. Our emphasis lies in initiating the process by investigating where the competition drives sales, and we suggest leveraging marketing tools to analyze competitor channels. Additionally, we explore the power of ChatGPT prompts to identify ideal customer profiles and develop effective marketing strategies. Join us as we uncover valuable insights to empower solo marketers in small businesses.


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  • (00:00) Today’s topic: How To Get Massive Reach on LinkedIn in 2024
  • (00:32) Neil Patel advises focusing on the channel driving the most traffic and sales for competitors.
  • (01:24) Eric Siu emphasizes the importance of finding where the target audience hangs out.
  • (02:49) Neil Patel mentions using Chat GPT to identify the ideal customer and their preferred platforms.
  • (03:51) Eric Siu shares a method to get Google Gemini to write like you.
  • (05:11) Neil Patel suggests using Gemini with blog posts to train the system better.
  • (06:27) Eric Siu discusses Mark Zuckerberg’s belief in making decisions and being involved in many areas.
  • (07:30) Neil Patel relates this approach to Amazon’s strategy of involving the founder in idea development.
  • (08:46) Eric Siu humorously refers to Neil Patel and Dharmesh Shah’s lack of direct reports as the “Indian billionaire way.”
  • (09:29) Neil Patel admits he is a terrible manager and prefers being an individual contributor.
  • (10:10) Neil Patel enjoys taking matters into his own hands and getting things done.
  • (10:56) Neil Patel emphasizes the importance of seeking feedback from others, even for individual contributors.
  • (13:10) Eric Siu discusses the “zone of genius” exercise and shares his own areas of expertise.
  • (13:58) Neil Patel focuses on strategy and enjoys it the most.
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