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How to use Bard to Come Up with Popular Marketing + Business Questions #2511
July 17, 2023

In this episode, Eric and Neil discuss how to use Bard, an AI language model, to come up with popular marketing and business questions. They share their experiences using Bard and explain how they use it to generate content ideas for their podcast. They also highlight the importance of refining prompts and leveraging high search volume questions to create engaging content.

[00:00] Introduction to using Bard for marketing and business questions.

[00:53] Using Bard to generate specific marketing questions for the current quarter.

[01:40] Refining questions for specificity and actionability.

[02:41] Exploring popular search marketing questions with Bard.

[03:17] The relevance of Bard’s data and its age.

[03:40] Importance of focusing on high search volume questions for content creation.

[04:01] Using Bard to find popular search engine marketing questions.

[04:47] Considering indexed results to determine question relevance.

[05:13] Wrapping up and encouraging listeners to follow their YouTube channel.

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