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How to Use Meme Marketing to Grow Faster #2432
April 22, 2023

In episode #2432, Neil and Eric talk about how to use meme marketing to grow faster. Posting hilarious memes is an excellent way to grow your audience quickly — just be sure to keep it relevant to your industry. After all, you don’t want to run the risk of attracting too many followers that aren’t interested in engaging with your normal content. Today’s conversation takes a look at some of the most successful meme marketers, their strategies, and what most people are doing wrong. Tune in to learn how to integrate meme marketing, leverage pop culture, and expand your reach!

[00:20] Today’s topic: How to Use Meme Marketing to Grow Faster.

[00:25] An overview of meme marketing and how it works.

[01:53] How the LinkedIn page, Marketing Millennials, leveraged meme marketing to build an entire business.

[03:27] The key to growing faster using memes — and what most people do wrong.

[04:41] Why Elon Musk calls himself a meme dealer.

[05:54] The importance of keeping memes relevant to your industry.

[06:28] How to find the best memes to increase your reach. 

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The Marketing Millennials

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