Episode #1594
How to Write Emails People Are Excited to Receive
December 19, 2020

How To Write Emails That People Are Excited To Receive

In episode #1594, we talk about the value of writing effective emails and how to do so. When it comes to writing emails for your subscriber list, your goal should be to get them excited about receiving the next one. Some key tactics we mention are using brevity and setting up a problem in the body of the email which the reader has to follow a link to get the solution to. Tune in to learn more!


  • [00:25] Today’s topic: How To Write Emails That People Are Excited To Receive.
  • [00:34] Your goal for emails should be for people to be excited to receive the next one.
  • [01:08] Asking people questions in emails to drive engagement.
  • [01:28] Include content about timely topics in your emails.
  • [01:51] Keep your emails short and to the point, and add a clickable link at the end.
  • [02:22] Don’t provide the solution in the email, but at the other end of the link.
  • [03:20] Some popular newsletters Eric reads.
  • [04:08] Metrics from Neil about how well different email tactics work.
  • [05:00] Learning about what works in emails from SEO data.
  • [05:18] Gather data on effectiveness and use it to guide future tactics.
  • [05:43] That’s it for today!
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Perry Marshall

David Ogilvy

Wall Street Journal CMO


Morning Brew

Brian Dean

Click Flow


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