Episode #1580
How & Why You Should Promote Your Blog Content On Twitter In Today’s World
December 05, 2020

How and Why You Should Promote Your Blog Content on Twitter in Today’s World


In episode #1580, we talk about how and why you should promote your blog content on Twitter in today’s world. The reality is that some of the smartest people in the world hang out on Twitter, and because it is so easy to target their accounts, the quality of the visitors your account receives is very high. Tune in and hear about a great way to promote your blog content to high-quality visitors today.


  • [00:25] Today’s topic: How and Why You Should Promote Your Blog Content on Twitter in Today’s World.
  • [00:40] The smartest people in the world hang out on Twitter.
  • [01:00] Twitter can be used organically or from a paid perspective.
  • [01:16] Traffic might not be as high, but the quality of a Twitter visitor is.
  • [02:14] A paid strategy for targeting accounts in your niche.
  • [03:52] That’s it for today!
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