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Is Becoming A Bestselling Author A Waste Of Time? #2541
August 22, 2023

In episode #2541, we question whether books truly aid in marketing efforts. As experienced authors ourselves, we share our perspectives on the impact of books on generating revenue and improving marketing strategies. Exploring both successful and less effective book examples, we discuss the challenges of keeping content relevant in rapidly changing industries. Tune in to discover the pros and cons of using books as a relationship platform, and whether writing a book is worth the investment in today’s marketing landscape.

[00:00] Today’s topic: whether books really help with marketing.

[00:10] Reflecting on our books’ contribution to generating revenue.

[00:54] Under what circumstances a book might have a substantial impact on marketing?

[01:23] Does selling books translate to business growth?

[04:53] The benefits of writing books.

[05:15] Are there better ways to generate leads and improve deal flow?

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