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Is RetellAI.com killing the customer service industry?, My dentist uses AI and I lost $600, The marketing of glass water, and more
March 15, 2024

In episode #2699, we delve into the growing influence of AI. We kick off by exploring RetellAI, a startup utilizing conversational voice AI to streamline customer support and appointment scheduling. Neil then recounts his firsthand encounter with AI within the dental field, detailing a scenario where he invested $600 in dental appointments and scans prompted by AI software’s detection of a potential issue with his teeth.


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  • (00:00) Today’s topic: How To Get Massive Reach on LinkedIn in 2024
  • (00:00) Eric introduces the topic of Retell AI and its potential impact.
  • (00:45) Eric discusses the features and capabilities of Retell AI’s conversational voice API.
  • (01:28) Eric predicts that agencies can play a role in transforming companies with AI.
  • (01:58) Neil asks about Retell AI’s funding and potential for raising more money.
  • (02:12) Eric mentions their agency owners group and redirects listeners to their website.
  • (02:30) Neil shares his experience with a dental appointment and AI technology.
  • (03:24) Neil explains how the AI software detected a potential issue with his teeth.
  • (04:13) Neil describes his visit to a specialist recommended by the AI software.
  • (04:57) Neil expresses frustration over the cost of the specialist appointment.
  • (06:09) Eric reflects on the short-term frustration but remains optimistic about the long-term potential of AI.
  • (06:42) Neil shares his disappointment with the AI technology and the wasted time and money.
  • (08:39) The conversation shifts to the potential accuracy of AI software in dentistry.
  • (10:30) Neil Patel shares the expensive cost of glass water and the lack of space in his condo.
  • (11:48) The hosts acknowledge that marketing plays a role in consumer choices.
  • (12:32) Eric Siu emphasizes the importance of thinking for oneself and making independent decisions.
  • (12:59) That’s it for today! Don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe!

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