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Leila Hormozi’s Controversial 5- Minute Hiring Method: Does It Work?
August 25, 2023

Leila Hormozi sits down with Eric Siu, sharing her expert insights on talent acquisition strategies, building a resilient company culture, and refining operations for peak efficiency. Drawing from her own experiences, Leila offers valuable advice to aspiring founders looking to make their mark in the business landscape.

[00:00] – Leila Hormozi’s life and business update

[04:43] – Leila Hormozi’s expertise in talent acquisition, culture, and operations 

[12:07] – This is how you pass a Leila Hormozi job interview

[13:26] – This is how Leila Hormozi fires employees

[16:45] – How Leila Hormozi deals with the most difficult situation as a CEO

[21:10] – Leila Hormozi’s view on creators trading reputation for views

[24:00] – The real Leila Hormozi behind the camera

[28:30] – Leila Hormozi on content creation

[30:20] – Mozi Talent: How to create and operate a talent funnel

[36:20] – Creating an effective job hiring ad to find the best candidate

[39:30] – Leila Hormozi on hiring high-level performers for your company

[43:00] – How Leila Hormozi upholds her people’s accountability based on her core values

[50:00] – Leila Hormozi’s mission for Acquisition.com

[52:50] – The most common misconception with Alex Hormozi and Leila Hormozi

[53:30] – Leila Hormozi’s approach to education

[57:06] – Leila Hormozi’s advice for founders

[59:50] – Leila Hormozi’s point behind ‘Engineering a culture where everyone wins’.

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