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Lessons from The Pooter Marketing Funnel #2556
September 10, 2023

In episode #2556, we unpack key lessons from the Pooter marketing funnel. Jack Vale’s product, The Pooter, does a great job of producing some of the most embarrassing fart noises you’ve ever heard. And on his YouTube channel, you can see him use this product to ingenious comic effect, whether it’s in a fitting room or a product aisle at Walmart. Join us for a conversation about the incredible potential of YouTube and other social media platforms for getting your product or service in front of dozens, hundreds, thousands, and even millions of viewers without needing to pay for traffic — and even getting paid in the process!

[00:00] Today’s topic: Lessons from The Pooter Marketing Funnel.

[00:04] Jack Vale’s YouTube channel and how he uses public fart videos to market his product.

[01:01] Why YouTube is such an amazing tool for your marketing funnel.

[02:51] How you can use other social media platforms for your marketing funnel.

[03:03] Why being consistent on YouTube is key.

[04:03] Tips on how to optimize your YouTube marketing funnel. 

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