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Making A Million Dollar Business in a Weekend
January 31, 2024

Eric Siu interviews Noah Kagan, the founder of AppSumo, to explore essential entrepreneurial insights. They discuss the significance of having a clear vision, maintaining high standards, and finding joy in the entrepreneurial journey. Noah shares practical strategies for achieving business success, emphasizing the importance of focus, goal setting, and overcoming challenges. Noah’s wealth of experiences and practical advice offers valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs.


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  • (00:00) Introduction to Noah Kagan
  • (02:06) Importance of internal satisfaction rather than external achievements
  • (03:35) Noah Kagan’s experience with hiring coaches and elite advisors
  • (06:00) Noah Kagan’s approach to hiring elite advisors
  • (07:20) Example of Mark Zuckerberg having a business coach
  • (08:12) Noah Kagan’s coaching framework and the coaches he has
  • (14:26) Noah Kagan’s approach to reaching out to prefluencers and the importance of engagement
  • (16:06) Introduction to Noah Kagan’s business, Appsumo
  • (19:06) Noah Kagan’s goal for Appsumo’s growth
  • (22:14) Balancing running a business, YouTube channel, and book writing
  • (27:17) Ayman’s role in growing Appsumo


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