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Marketing School 2023 Retrospective: Lessons Learned, Why You Should Copy Your Competition
January 16, 2024

In episode #2658, we reflect on the lessons we’ve learned from our podcast and the world of business in 2023. We discuss the benefits of joining a podcast network to increase reach and traffic, the importance of constantly iterating on content to keep it engaging, and the value of copying competitors to stay ahead in the market. We also emphasize the power of video content and the potential of YouTube as a long-term platform. Tune in to gain insights and strategies for podcasting and business success in the new year.


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  • (00:00) Today’s topic: Marketing School 2023 Retrospective: Lessons Learned, Why You Should Copy Your Competition
  • (00:19) Joining a podcast network can help grow your podcast
  • (01:42) Many popular podcasts run ads to boost rankings and revenue
  • (02:25) Podcasting is becoming more competitive, requiring higher quality content
  • (03:24) Constantly iterate and improve your content to keep it engaging
  • (04:45) YouTube has long-term potential, focus on growing the channel
  • (05:59) Repurpose podcast content into text-based formats for more reach
  • (06:21) Discussion on audio vs. video podcast consumption
  • (07:17) Start with video for podcasting and repurpose for other platforms
  • (08:59) Copying competition can be a successful strategy, but improve upon it
  • (09:39) Discussion on the importance of building off existing knowledge and ideas
  • (09:58) Mention of Patrick Campbell’s post on competitor research
  • (10:21) The dumbest piece of business advice
  • (11:06)  Patrick Campbell’s competitive intelligence program
  • (13:10) Patrick Campbell’s progression in content creation
  • (13:25) That’s it for today! Don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe!

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