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Marketing Through the Recession: Lessons Learned and Best Practices #2364
February 09, 2023

In episode #2364, we are talking about marketing through the recession, lessons learned, and best practices. This was one of our ChatGPT prompts (which you can learn more about in episode #2362), and as you’ll see from the content of today’s episode, ‘Investing Through the Recession’ might have been a better title! Tune in for the biggest lessons we learned as we navigated our businesses through the pandemic, tips for boosting your IRR (internal rate of return), and so much more!

[00:20] Today’s topic: Marketing Through the Recession: Lessons Learned and Best Practices.

[00:40] Lessons learned about making your business recession-proof.

[01:48] What it means to have “dry powder” to pour into your business when times are tough.

[02:55] How to double down on your business by selling off what you don’t need.

[03:14] Tips for improving your internal rate of return.

[03:55] Our experience of diversifying our investments with real estate.

[05:34] How to be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.

[06:15] Why we believe you should sit and wait for opportunities (if you can afford to do so). 

[06:35] Diversifying your marketing, doubling down on what works, and watching your costs.

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