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Mastering Longevity and Abundance with Peter Diamandis
August 16, 2023

Eric Siu chats with entrepreneur, author, and visionary known for his pioneering work in space exploration and technology, Peter Diamandis! As the founder of the XPRIZE Foundation and Singularity University, he has dedicated his career to incentivizing innovation and shaping a future of abundance. Tune in to this awe-inspiring episode to gain a glimpse into the mind of a true visionary who continues to pave the way for a better, bolder future.

[01:00] – Are we living in a simulation?

[03:17] – Exponential technologies and MTP

[10:43] – Being the CEO of multiple companies

[16:11] – The right time to replace yourself

[18:32] – What is XPRIZE?

[25:00] – Working with AI 

[30:00] – Abundance 360 and Executive Program

[35:28] – Is AI going to kill us?

[43:29] – The wealth gap

[46:07] – Being pro-human vs. pro intelligence

[49:50] – Technology in healthcare

[56:31] – How to live longer?

[1:10:34] – The DMT experience

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