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Microsoft Advertising Is Rolling Out Ads for Chat API #2457
May 18, 2023

In episode #2457, we talk about how Microsoft Advertising is rolling out ads for chat API. Tuning in, you’ll find out what this means and how you can use Microsoft Advertising to monetize the chatbot on your website. You’ll also find out why we believe that most people are overestimating the impact that AI tools like these will have on their business in the short run while underestimating what it is capable of in the long run, plus a whole lot more!

[00:00] Today’s topic: Microsoft Advertising is rolling out Ads for chat API.

[00:18] Examples of monetization models within chatbots.

[01:00] How you can view this new development as “AdSense for a chat.”

[01:33] Why we don’t recommend monetizing through ads as a products-and-services business.

[01:45] Things to keep in mind when it comes to AI, search, and ads.

[02:30] The importance of learning how to adapt quickly.

[02:55] Why many people are using AI and chat tools in the wrong way?

[03:55] How to create a better user experience on your site.

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