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MrBeast Gets Sued for $100M, Dave Portnoy Buys Barstool Back for $1, How Forbes does SEO, Barbie’s Marketing Results & More
August 13, 2023

Neil and Eric dissect the latest news and trends in marketing, business, and entertainment. Neil Patel also shares his insights on Eric Siu’s recent Leveling Up Founders Mastermind. 

[00:00] – Neil Patel reacts to Eric Siu’s recent Leveling Up Founders Mastermind

[03:00] – Watch out for Marketing School’s Q and A episode from the conference

[07:00] – Dave Portnoy Buys Barstool Back for $1

[08:50] – MrBeast Gets Sued for $100M

[10:50] – Barbie’s Marketing Results & Revenue

[18:11] – What the venture market tells you about the market right now

[22:28] – How Forbes does SEO

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