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My favorite marketing hack to get big customers, Social media is becoming a democracy, How Sam Sulek gets millions of views & more
February 09, 2024

In episode #2674, we explore innovative strategies for acquiring major customers and delve into the shifting landscape of content marketing. Neil shares his favorite marketing hack for landing big clients, highlighting the effectiveness of utilizing podcasts for networking with high-profile executives. We examine the technique of using podcasts not only as a platform for thought leadership but also as a stepping stone for relationship-building and business opportunities. Focusing on authenticity and standout content, we explore the critical role of content quality in the age of algorithms that prioritize genuine and engaging material.


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  • (00:00) Today’s topic: My favorite marketing hack to get big customers, Social media is becoming a democracy,  How Sam Sulek gets millions of views & more
  • (00:35) Hitting up well-known executives through LinkedIn
  • (00:59) Interviewing executives and discussing their business
  • (01:37) Asking executives for introductions to potential customers
  • (02:19) Example of using podcasts to sell a company
  • (03:15) Gathering a community around your podcast
  • (04:17) Using social networks to reach out to potential guests
  • (06:06) The democratization of social media and content quality
  • (07:28) YouTube algorithm rewards merit-based content
  • (08:33) Examples of successful content creators on TikTok and YouTube
  • (08:41) Eric and Neil discuss Sam Sulek’s interesting content and his success on YouTube.
  • (09:24) Eric mentions Kevin Esprito and his gardening YouTube channels, highlighting the importance of authenticity in content creation.
  • (10:34) Neil shares the alarming statistic that 94.29% of web pages tracked by ubersess and answer the public receive no organic traffic from Google.
  • (11:41) Neil emphasizes the need for authentic and amazing content to stand out in the saturated market.
  • (12:29) Eric compares Instagram reels, TikTok, and YouTube shorts to a slot machine, emphasizing the importance of consistency and quality in content creation.
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