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My Favorite Marketing Hack When Speaking at Conferences
May 30, 2023

In episode #2468, we break down our favorite marketing hack when speaking at conferences. We’ve been on the circuit for a few weeks and want to share our approach to marketing at events. Speaking, to begin with, is obviously a great tactic, but while you’re there, we encourage you to set up some in-person meetings! Tune in to discover how these meetings play out and what you can expect from them.


  • [00:00] Today’s topic: Neil’s favorite marketing hacks when speaking at conferences.
  • [00:12] Why speaking and in-person meetings are the most effective strategies.
  • [01:08] How Neil witnessed Eric’s team’s marketing in action and what he loved about the approach.
  • [03:23] The lesson gleaned from the above approach: experiment!
  • [04:31] How and why Neil arranges for conference organizers to help him book meetings.
  • [06:26] The effectiveness of attending industry events.
  • [07:00] An example of what’s discussed in the in-person meetings and how they go down.
  • [08:48] Why we aim to be as helpful as possible, no matter the size of the business.
  • [09:23] The long-term approach of these in-person meetings at conferences.
  • [09:54] That’s it for today! Don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe!

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