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Netflix’s Stock Tanked 35% in 1 Day. Here’s What it Means For Marketers #2085
May 04, 2022

In episode #2085, Neil and Eric talk about how Netflix’s stock tanked 35%, and what this means for marketers. For years Netflix had a competitive advantage as a unique streaming service. Learn how always trying to displace your own business can help you stay ahead, and what marketers can learn from Netflix’s recent dive.


  • [00:20] Today’s topic: Netflix’s Stock Tanked 35% in 1 Day. Here’s What it Means For Marketers.
  • [00:50] Why this dip in Netflix’s value was inevitable.
  • [01:24] How Netflix lost its competitive edge over other companies.
  • [02:04] Why being unique is easier to market and results in quicker growth.
  • [02:50] Why you should always be trying to displace your own business.
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