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NFTs Are Down Right Now, Here’s How Marketers Can Build for the Long Term Using Them #2154
July 12, 2022

In episode #2154, Neil and Eric discuss the current bear market, why NFTs are down right now, and how marketers can build for the long term using them. The market has been doing some crazy things lately, and everyone is feeling the effects. Tune in to learn about the opportunities that exist during a down market, as well as the utility of NFTs, the impact they will have in the long run, and how to build something amazing. 


  • [00:20] Today’s topic: NFTs Are Down Right Now, Here’s How Marketers Can Build for the Long Term Using Them.
  • [00:28] The benefits of starting a company during a down market.
  • [01:18] Examples of long-term utility for NFTs.
  • [01:44] Why the key to success is building something amazing.
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