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NYT Sues OpenAI and Microsoft for Billions, The Quickest Way to Get More Traffic Using AI, The Best Marketing Strategies for Solopreneurs
January 15, 2024

In episode #2657, We discuss the recent lawsuit filed by the New York Times against OpenAI and Microsoft, delving into the lawsuit’s details. It alleges that OpenAI used over 100 million tokens to crawl the New York Times website and plagiarize its content. We then explore the potential implications of the lawsuit on the future of data ownership and content scraping, touching upon Apple’s approach to data licensing and underscoring the importance of ethical content creation.


The conversation then shifts to the use of AI for quick traffic generation. We share insights on leveraging AI to create comparison articles between companies, particularly for solopreneurs. Highlighting the strategy’s effectiveness in driving traffic and conversions, we emphasize the importance of ethical content creation and providing valuable insights to potential customers.


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  • (00:00) Today’s topic: NYT Sues OpenAI and Microsoft for Billions, The Quickest Way to Get More Traffic Using AI, The Best Marketing Strategies for Solopreneurs
  • (00:12) New York Times alleges OpenAI crawled their site for chat GPT’s outputs
  • (00:59) New York Times business model and OpenAI’s plagiarism
  • (02:30) Comparison to Google’s content scraping and Apple’s approach
  • (03:19) Apple’s secret licensing deals to crawl and distribute content
  • (05:22) Lawyer’s perspective on New York Times as a proprietary data set
  • (06:36) Using AI for quick traffic generation through comparison articles
  • (08:42) Programmatic SEO and the effectiveness of AI-assisted content
  • (09:37) Importance of ethical and honest practices in comparison articles
  • (09:57) Neil Patel suggests using ethical affiliate marketing strategies.
  • (10:12) Eric Siu recommends starting a broadcast channel on Instagram for gathering audience feedback.
  • (11:23) Neil Patel shares his favorite marketing strategy for solopreneurs offering services.
  • (13:38) Eric Siu explains how creating content on Quora led to a $30,000 contract.
  • (15:30) Neil Patel discusses a tripwire strategy for product-based companies.
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