Episode #1600
Our Worst Marketing Mistakes of 2020 (+ What We Learned)
December 25, 2020

Our Worst Marketing Mistakes of 2020 (+ What We Learned)

In episode #1600, we hear about the worst marketing mistakes Neil and Eric made this year. From not posting enough social content to not being more active on Twitter, there were definitely things that could have done better. Tune in to hear what was learned from these mistakes. 


  • [00:25] Today’s topic: Our Worst Marketing Mistakes of 2020 (+ What We Learned).
  • [00:35] Why Neil’s biggest mistake was not posting enough personal content on social media.
  • [01:57] What Neil noticed about his conversion rate when he put more personal content out there.
  • [02:25] Eric’s biggest mistake this year: Not posting on Twitter enough. 
  • [03:41] That’s it for today!
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