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Sahil Bloom’s #1 Advice to All Content Creators
November 15, 2023

Sahil Bloom shares his journey of becoming a successful creator and the importance of authenticity and real-life experiences in content creation. He discusses how he built relationships with influential figures like Tim Cook and Warren Buffett through chance encounters and genuine connections. Sahil emphasizes the need for long-term commitment and consistency in content creation, rather than focusing on short-term hacks or trends. He also discusses the challenges and potential pitfalls of the creator economy.

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[00:00] – Sahil Bloom’s expansion from Twitter to newsletter and book

[02:50] – No growth hacks, just countless hours of writing

[05:40] – Importance of creating content based on real experiences

[08:31] – Adapting to algorithm changes and finding what works

[09:25] – Sahil Bloom’s growth on Twitter in the first year

[11:33] – Sahil Bloom’s morning routine for creating content

[13:50] – Sahil Bloom’s perspective on the creator economy and long-term viability

[16:35] – Sahil Bloom’s thoughts on the future of creator-led agencies

[20:29] – The role of Holdco in building and launching businesses

[23:06] – The difficulty of scaling without a business background

[25:51] – The risks and challenges of income share agreements

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