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Sam Altman’s 7 trillion dollar chip mission, Jack Altman raises 150M for Alt Capital, and You’re wasting your time creating content for social media
February 14, 2024

In episode #2677, we discuss Sam Altman’s ambitious plan to raise $7 trillion for a chip mission and Jack Altman’s fundraising efforts for his startup and philanthropic endeavors. We also explore the trend of entrepreneurs transitioning into venture capital and the challenges and misconceptions associated with starting a fund. Emphasizing the importance of being aware of platform risks and diversifying marketing efforts across multiple channels, we delve into the complexities of these strategies. Additionally, we share insights on the content creation landscape, highlighting the need for high-quality, engaging content to stand out in a saturated market.


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  • (00:00) Today’s topic: Sam Altman’s 7 trillion dollar chip mission, Jack Altman raises 150M for Alt Capital, and You’re wasting your time creating content for social media
  • (00:17) Neil doubts Sam will get more than $5-10 billion.
  • (01:42) Jack Altman raised $150 million for alt capital.
  • (02:06) Is raising a fund the right move after your business?
  • (03:35) Being a venture capitalist is a grind.
  • (06:31) Meta cut off third-party access to Facebook groups.
  • (07:29) Platform risk and the importance of building your own audience
  • (08:12) The misconception of social media content and the need for quality
  • (09:19) The impact of creating poor content on social media
  • (09:54) The increasing bar for content quality and the effort required
  • (10:52) The challenge of standing out in a crowded content landscape
  • (11:27) Using LinkedIn thought leader ads to target your ideal audience
  • (12:03) The struggles of agency owners and the need for more leads
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