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Secret Marketing Statistics To Arm You for 2024 (Millions of Data Points) (Trends)
January 05, 2024

In episode #2652, we delve into the evolving landscape of organic social media reach. Analyzing data from 15,000 social media profiles over the past three years, we uncover key insights. Our discussion covers the decline in organic reach, the impact of linking out to external sites, the importance of short-form videos, the role of comments, and the optimal posting frequency. Additionally, we explore the value of brand ambassadors and the potential of LinkedIn influencers. The conversation concludes with an examination of the most active social networks and those that drive the most organic traffic.


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  • (00:00) Today’s topic: Secret Marketing Statistics To Arm You for 2024 (Millions of Data Points) (Trends)
  • (00:30) Linking out to external sites decreases reach by 219%
  • (01:27) Content with short form videos has 32.18% more reach
  • (02:20) Organic reach has declined by 61.83% in the last three years
  • (03:06) Profiles that post 1-2 times a day see the most reach
  • (04:15) Comment quality is more important for engagement than quantity
  • (06:39) Cisco is training employees to be LinkedIn influencers
  • (07:39) Creating high-quality content is key for social media success
  • (08:49) Facebook has the most active users, but YouTube drives the most organic traffic
  • (10:17) Some social networks don’t want users to leave their platform
  • (11:07) Betting on Meta (formerly Facebook) as the top social channel for the next decade
  • (11:04) Neil Patel explains why he focuses on Meta.
  • (11:40) Eric Siu agrees that Meta is great for revenue.
  • (12:21) Neil and Eric focus on major social networks.
  • (12:55) Neil emphasizes the importance of patience in content marketing.
  • (13:55) Neil shares the success story of Patrick Campbell’s YouTube channel.
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