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Short Vs Long-Form Podcast Episodes: Which Performs Better #2428
April 18, 2023

In episode #2428, Neil and Eric talk about short versus long-form podcast episodes and which ones perform better. Part of one’s job as a creator is producing content that is so good that people are always looking forward to the next installment — whether that’s an email or a podcast episode. Find out what we’ve learned from producing long and short-form podcast episodes, our recommended tools for getting accurate insight into your product, and how to strive for content that people can’t wait to interact with!

[00:20] Today’s topic: Short Vs Long Form Podcast Episodes: Which Performs Better?

[00:38] Why we started doing short-form podcast episodes back in 2016.

[01:08] How our new long-form episodes are performing versus the short ones.

[02:01] A breakdown of Apple data on our long and short-form podcast content.

[04:48] The value of high-quality content and how tools like Charitable can shed light on your retention rate.

[07:07] What we hope to see from our long-form episodes in the future. 

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