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Should You Allow Employees to Jump Around Projects? #1978
January 17, 2022

In episode #1978, we speak about whether it is a good idea to allow employees to jump from project to project in your business or not. At the end of the day, it is the people behind a company that make it what it is, and when employees are too unfocused, this compromises efficiency and sales. Tune in to learn more!


  • [00:20] Today’s topic: Should You Allow Employees to Jump Around Projects?
  • [00:30] Why Eric and Neil prefer to keep employees specializing on certain projects.
  • [01:04] The inefficiency and poor output of a system where employees jump around.
  • [01:14] How unfocused employees end up killing sales.
  • [02:25] It is the people behind a business that make it what it is.
  • [03:38] Why Eric encourages employees to do side-hustles.
  • [04:32] That’s it for today!
  • [04:35] Go to https://marketingschool.io/live to apply for our next event in Austin, Texas!


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