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Sora causes Adobe to lose $18 billion dollars in 1 day, The best way to make money in AI isn’t to create something like ChatGPT…
February 21, 2024

In episode #2682, we discuss the impact of OpenAI’s Sora on the marketing and business world. We highlight the significant loss in market cap experienced by Adobe stock after the announcement of Sora. The conversation delves into the hype and long-term potential of AI, the limitations of generative AI, and the role of prompt engineering in maximizing AI output. We also touch upon the future of YouTube as a search engine, the risks associated with AI companies, and the importance of strategy and quality content in marketing.


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  • (00:00) Today’s topic: Sora causes Adobe to lose $18 billion dollars in 1 day,  The best way to make money in AI isn’t to create something like ChatGPT…
  • (00:16) Adobe stock loses $18 billion in market cap due to Sora.
  • (00:32) AI is overhyped in the short term, underhyped in the long term.
  • (01:01) Sora can create a 1-minute video based on a prompt.
  • (01:43) AI-generated content lacks engagement compared to human-created content.
  • (02:17) Generative AI lacks editing capabilities, limiting its usefulness.
  • (03:02) Creating AI projects like Chat GPT requires significant investment and talented engineers.
  • (03:35) Jasper, an AI content writer, struggles to compete with Chat GPT.
  • (05:02) Prompt engineering is a valuable skill in the AI field.
  • (06:09) Selling multiple services reduces churn for agencies.
  • (07:38) YouTube’s Gemini AI can crawl and analyze video content.
  • (08:22) Neil and Eric discuss the popularity of YouTube and Google
  • (09:06) Neil and Eric share their experiences with YouTube optimization
  • (10:17) Neil suggests starting a new YouTube channel if stuck in YouTube jail
  • (10:29) Neil explains the importance of producing quality content for YouTube
  • (12:01) Neil and Eric discuss investing in AI stocks for the next ten years
  • (12:29) Neil and Eric both choose Microsoft as their top AI stock
  • (13:18) Eric explains why Microsoft is a strong AI investment
  • (13:43) Eric highlights Microsoft’s ownership of Skype, LinkedIn, and Xbox
  • (14:12) Eric discusses Microsoft’s involvement with OpenAI
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