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Spotify AI Voice Translations, Google Bard Updates, ChatGPT Multimodal #2585
October 19, 2023

In episode #2585, we wanted to take a closer look at some of the AI updates being seen recently. We look at Spotify’s AI Voice translations and compare them to those of Brask and Rask, highlighting the small issue with Spotify’s video translation (or lack thereof) and sharing our thoughts on why these tools will continue to be free. We explain how ChatGPT has gone multimodal, why we want to look at AI tools from a marketing standpoint, plus, we touch on why we believe Google Bard outperforms ChatGPT in various aspects. Keep in mind that these tools are still evolving, and significant improvements are expected over the next few years.

[00:00] Today’s topic: Spotify AI Voice Translations, Google Bard Updates, ChatGPT Multimodal.

[00:15] The Spotify AI Voice Translations, translating podcasts to multiple different languages!

[00:34] The problem with Spotify’s AI Translation compared to Brask and Rask translators.

[00:58] Why a lot of these tools will (continue) to be free.

[01:20] Check out our last episode on The Trap of Product-Led Growth (PLG).

[01:35] We explain how ChatGPT has gone multimodal. 

[03:15] Bringing this up from a marketing standpoint.

[03:45] The real question to the creators of AI: How useful are their AI tools in terms of optimizing versus getting you to spend more money?

[04:30] A look at the new Google Bard and why we think it’s better than ChatGPT.

[06:15] What to keep in mind when you’re using these AI tools. 

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Check out Brask and Rask translators. 

Google Bard Updates.

Listen to Episode 2584 on The Trap of Product-Led Growth.


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