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Step-by-Step: How To Grow Your Brand from Scratch Without Quitting Your Job
October 14, 2023

Codie Sanchez joins Eric Siu for an exclusive interview, during which she delves into her personal mission in the business world, shares her economic insights, details her step-by-step content creation process, discusses the book she’s launching, and much more.

[00:00] – Codie Sanchez thinks the dream of retirement for people is gone

[02:21] – Codie Sanchez’s personal mission and why

[06:20] – This is how smart and rich people manage assets and investments

[07:40] – Codie Sanchez’s unique skill and realizations as a founder

[11:34] – The mentality behind being scared to start a business

[14:00] – How you should manage conflicts in a relationship

[19:30] – How Codie Sanchez manages her emotions

[22:25] – How Codie Sanchez grew her audience, brand, and business through content strategy

[26:24] – The benefits of being “famous” 

[28:12] – Codie Sanchez thinks monopolies are unhealthy for the economy

[28:40] – Codie Sanchez talks about Blackstone Inc.

[32:26] – How Codie Sanchez built her audience from 0 to 1 Million

[39:23] – Why Codie Sanchez’s favorite asset is her Newsletter

[42:09] – How Codie Sanchez is growing her newsletter subscribers

[47:11] – Codie Sanchez’s step-by-step content process strategy

[53:20] – The latest numbers of Codie Sanchez’s holding company

[01:01:25] – The book Codie Sanchez is planning to launch 

[01:05:48] – Eric Siu and Codie Sanchez talk more about work operations.

[01:08:28] – The problem with buying businesses

[01:15:25] – Three types of operators for your company

[01:28:53] – Codie Sanchez’s learning stack right now

[01:33:55] – B2C Marketing is always ahead of B2B

[01:38:01] – Buy businesses with existing operations

[01:39:07] – How to find Codie Sanchez Online

Go to https://www.marketingschool.io to learn more!

Go to https://www.marketingschool.io to learn more!

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