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Student Athletes Can Now Make Money Through Endorsements (Here’s What That Means) #1802
July 21, 2021

In episode #1802, we talk about how student athletes can now make money through endorsements, and what that actually means. Tuning in, you’ll learn how endorsements used to work in the past and how this didn’t reflect fairly for the student athletes who were putting their bodies on the line. We also discuss some of the implications of the new regulations and how you can get involved. Tune in today!


  • [00:19] Today’s topic: Student Athletes Can Now Make Money Through Endorsements (Here’s What That Means).
  • [00:30] An example of how endorsements used to work in the past.
  • [01:16] The implications of the new regulations for student athletes.
  • [02:50] How to sponsor your favorite player through endorsements and the ripple effects of that.
  • [03:52] Viewing student athletes as a type of influencer marketers.
  • [03:20] That’s it for today!
  • [04:26] Go to marketingschool.io/live to join our virtual and live events.


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