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The $100M Brand Building Playbook with Alex Hormozi #2240
October 06, 2022

In episode #2240, we sit down with Alex Hormozi, co-founder of Acquisition.com to talk about the $100M Brand Building Playbook and what he has learned from building, growing, and selling multiple companies. Tune in to discover key lessons from Alex’s career, including why he believes it’s faster to buy than to build, how to scale, and the one thing you need to focus on when hiring!


  • [00:20] Today’s topic: The $100M Brand Building Playbook.
  • [01:08] Learn how our guest, Alex Hormozi, first started building and selling companies.
  • [03:55] How Alex founded Acquisition.com.
  • [04:28] The story of how Alex obtained the domain name for Acquisition.com.
  • [05:48] Alex’s attitude to his wardrobe and why he is a practical dresser.
  • [07:52] Alex’s brand-building playbook and an overview of their current online reach.
  • [08:26] Why it’s faster to buy rather than build.
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