Episode #1363
The 5 SEO Strategies You Should STOP Doing in 2020
April 25, 2020

In episode #1363, we give you five SEO strategies you should stop using in 2020! From buying links and product pages to publishing content for the sake of it, these are no-nos in today’s marketing world, so beware! Tune in to hear which strategies you should stop wasting your time on!


  • [00:25] Today’s topic: The 5 SEO Strategies You Should Stop Doing in 2020.
  • [00:34] Why buying links is outdated and a waste of time.
  • [01:20] Publishing content for the sake of it; you need to stand out.
  • [02:17] It’s not about word count, it’s about quality! Stop counting words!
  • [03:20] Don’t disrupt the user experience, keep it smooth and user-friendly.
  • [04:07] Staying away from product pages; those days are gone.
  • [05:16] That is it for today!
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