Episode #78
The 7 Deadly Marketing Sins
October 17, 2016

In Episode #78 Neil and Eric talk about the 7 deadly sins of marketing. Listen to find out which of these sins you’re committing, and learn how to avoid making them in the future. 

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:28 – Today’s topic: 7 Deadly Marketing Sins
  • 00:34 – Sin #1 – Buying paid links
    • 01:19 – What happens when you get caught buying links
  • 01:55 – Sin #2 – Not optimizing your ads
  • 02:37 – Sin #3 – AB testing incorrectly
  • 03:34 – Sin #4 – Not playing the long game on content
  • 04:43 – Sin #5 – Basing decisions purely from AB tests
    • 05:50 – You don’t want to have brand confusion
  • 05:56 – Sin #6 – Being schizophrenic with your tests
    • 06:20 – You have to be willing to stomach the pain
    • 06:40 – SEO takes time!
  • 06:55 – Sin #7 – Starting to do any type of marketing without proper tracking
    • 07:20 – No tracking means wasted marketing dollars
  • 07:27 – That’s it for today’s episode!

3 Key Points:

  1. There is no shortcut to marketing. Everything takes time!
  2. The longer the content, the better it ranks.
  3. Marketing costs are inevitable, you have to be willing to stomach the pain.

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