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The Best Strategy for Every Social Platform #2260
October 27, 2022

In episode #2260, we share the best strategy for each social platform. if you want to know what is really moving the needle on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and of course YouTube, be sure to join us. Tuning in you will hear about editing titles, the length of your videos, and when and how to promote your posts.


  • [00:21] Today’s topic: The Best Strategy for Every Social Platform
  • [00:26] Why to push YouTube videos hard early on.
  • [01:23] The power of changing a video title.
  • [02:57] Creating engagement on LinkedIn, through stimulating conversation. 
  • [03:33] A quick thought on what’s working on TikTok.
  • [03:41] How live content boosts your Instagram numbers.
  • [04:24] Facebook and the length of videos; why to go over five minutes!
  • [04:56] What’s working on Twitter right now for getting more impressions. 
  • [05:40] That’s it!
  • [05:46] Go to https://www.marketingschool.io to learn more!


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