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The Biggest Lesson Neil Learned From Sending Out 255 Million Emails #2460
May 21, 2023

In episode #2460, Neil shares his biggest lesson from sending out 255 million emails. Tune in to find out what he has learned about email segmentation in today’s world, how he creates more targeted contact lists, how you can leverage AI to help you, and more!

[00:00] Today’s topic: The Biggest Lesson Neil Learned From Sending Out 255 Million Emails.

[00:55] How Neil has had to change his strategy when it comes to email segmentation.

[01:47] The different areas of marketing that Neil’s subscribers might be interested in.

[02:05] Advice for creating smaller, more targeted groups.

[02:15] Ways that AI can help you craft customized emails.

[02:27] Differences in revenue that result from segmenting versus not segmenting.

[03:04] An example of a clever customized email solution that Neil learned about recently.

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