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The Dark Truth About Self-Help Books
October 11, 2023

Mark Manson, the author of ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck,’ sat down with Eric Siu for a one-on-one interview to talk about his journey to 1 million subscribers on YouTube, personal growth, the books he has written, his perspective on the self-help industry, and more. 

[00:00] – Mark Manson on the self-help industry

[03:00] – Mark Manson’s YouTube channel growth

[03:39] – YouTube is the most important platform today

[06:00] – Mark Manson talks about his experience in traditional media

[09:30] – Mark Manson talks about how his content evolved over time

[10:52] – The concept of “Content Moat”

[14:29] – Mark Manson talks about how he’s developing his content production

[15:40] – How Mark Manson hit 1 million subscribers on YouTube

[18:11] – The most impressive creators on YouTube right now for Mark Manson

[21:00] – Nate O’Brien is done with YouTube

[21:41] – Creator burnout is normal and part of the process

[23:50] – “Debulsh*tize the self-help industry” – Mark Manson

[26:47] – Why Mark Manson thinks Alex Hormozi is brilliant

[30:55] – Mark Manson’s perfect level of fame

[36:40] – Mark Manson on building an audience

[37:41] – The Will Smith book deal

[40:50] – Is it really worth it to write a book?

[42:14] – Mark Manson talks about his content team structure, spending, and online reach

[45:14] – How many books Mark Manson has sold so far

[45:26] – Mark Manson talks about ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck’

[48:19] – Mark Manson talks about his blogs and SEO

[50:50] – Mark Manson talks about his mid-life crisis

[58:48] – How can people stop caring about what other people think about them?

[01:06:57] – Happiness comes from solving problems

[01:08:19] – Trying to avoid rejection is a sense of entitlement

[01:10:00] – Mark Manson on therapies

[01:16:16] – Mark’s journey from being a self-help junkie to a professional in the industry

[01:17:00] – Mark Manson on building a community

[01:21:04] – Mark Manson talks about his most famous quote on the fundamentals of life.

[01:23:09] – What does a healthy relationship look like for Mark Manson?

[01:24:30] – Mark Manson on marriage

[01:31:10] – Modern-day dating advice

[01:40:20] – Check out Mark Manson’s YouTube channel

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